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Document Management

Change management, version control and proactive monitoring

Proactive Document Management

PolicyBase handles document review, change management, version control and deployment.

Automatic Email Notifications

Email reminders to read, review or approve documents

Save your HR team hours of time

Keep track of documents due for review and automatically remind reviewers. PolicyBase also emails the relevant users when documents are deployed and reminds them to view outstanding documents.

Real Time Data

Full audit trail of all activty, live dashboard & real time reports

Endless customisable reports

View real time data in the Dashboard Module or through customisable Excel reports.

Simple Deployment

Low foot-print, rapid deployment and easy to maintain

Active Directory Integration

Complete with Active Directory integration, PolicyBase is extremely easy to install and manage. PolicyBase has been designed specifically for easy, fast deployment.


Role based access control, Single-Sign-On and classified documents

Take Control of your Data

PolicyBase gives you full control over your data. With customisable user roles, give your employees only the minimum required level of access to PolicyBase and your company policies, procedures and manuals.


Provide evidence that your employees are understanding your policies & procedures

Optional Multiple Choice Exams

PolicyBase includes the option to set multiple choice exams on a document by document basis.

Features Explained