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The PolicyBase Academy Add-In is a robust exam software solution for managing employee examinations and routine training courses.

Create as many custom exams as you want with an unlimited number of questions and optional embedded training presentation prior to beginning the exam. This solution is perfect for all businesses or educational institutions who need to routinely test new or existing staff (or pupils). Manage routine courses and register employee course attendance so that there is a full audit trail of all activity.

The Academy Add-In is a dedicated solution for managing employee training and exams. This add-in is not required to utilize the optional 1-5 question tests for documents in PolicyBase.

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Academy Add-In

£1995per user license
  • £5/User/Year Optional Software Assurance & Support
Buy the PolicyBase Academy Add-In today as an outright purchase. Pay for optional Software Assurance & Support and get all future versions as soon as they are released. The Academy Add-In is deployed with all PolicyBase installations, so we just need to supply you with an activation key and you can start using your exam software straight away.


  • Keep track of all courses in the system and identify when employees are due to retake.
  • Specify a frequency for courses and receive automatic email notifications each month with a full list of each employee due to take them.
  • Full audit trail of all training courses showing who was in attendance and the duration of the session.


  • Keep track of all exams in the system and identify when employees are due to retake training.
  • Specify a frequency for exams and have the option to either automatically notify employees directly when they are due to take an exam, or notify the exam manager who will schedule the exam.
  • Restrict access to certain exams so that employees can only take them under exam conditions with supervisor approval required before the exam starts.
  • Create an unlimited number of examinations with as many multiple choice questions are you like.
  • Tests are automatically marked.
  • Results are displayed to the user immediately and stored for audit purposes.
  • Optional embedded training presentation at the start of each exam.

PolicyBase Integration

The Academy Add-In integrates with PolicyBase and uses the same database. This allows you to provide one central location for managing policies, procedures, training and exams. The Academy Add-In uses the users and distribution groups from the PolicyBase database (or Active Directory if AD Sync is enabled). The Add-In is deployed with PolicyBase by default so you can simply purchase an activation key to start using your exam software!


As with PolicyBase, you pay a one-off fee to purchase user licenses for this add-in and can pay annually for optional Software Assurance & Support. Contact our sales team now for a quote.

Discounts for Charities & Education

All registered Charities and Educational Institutions receive a 50% discount on the Academy Add-In for PolicyBase. Click here for full pricing.