Many businesses have had the chance to demo or trial the latest PolicyBase release (2017 V1.0.1) over the last few months and we have received excellent feedback.

A number of features have been implemented following request of our clients

  • Document acknowledgement: Users initially acknowledge existence of a new document version before they can access it. Users will then become compliant on a document when they have read it, passed any assigned examination and confirmed that they have read and understood the document.
  • Keyword search: Keywords can be assigned to documents to improve search ability in the document browser module.
  • Release date modification: We have re-introduced an old feature with restrictions. After a document has been approved, the release date can be changed. The purpose of this is specifically for adding existing documents to PolicyBase when first adopting our solution. This control can be restricted via user roles. There will still be a record of the exact date the document instance was created in the database for audit purposes.

Our BETA testing period is coming to an end and we look forward to announcing a production release date in the very near future.

Please get in touch with our sales team if you would like a demo. All new customers, or existing customers with an active Support & Software Assurance subscription are eligible for this upgrade.